15 Surprising Donald Trump Facts You Probably Dont Know

We have put together a list of 15 Surprising facts you probably don’t Know about Donald Trump, if you like it be sure to share and comment and if you don’t like it then do tell us how we can improve ourselves in the comments.

15. Donald Trump Was Sent To Military School For Bad Behavior

Donald Trump Was Sent To Military School For Bad BehaviorImages Source: The Daily Mail

His parents sent him away to New York Military School at 13 years old as they thought he needed more discipline.

14. Donald Trump Is A Germaphobe

donald trump canada handshake

Jeb Bush pointed it out several times that Donald Trump is a germaphobe who doesnt like to shake people’s hands and Donald Trump also recently admitted that he is indeed a germaphobe.

This is also verified by how awkwardly he shakes the hands of the leaders of the world who come to visit US. You can also take a look at the photo above to see how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacts to him when he offers a handshake.

13. He Was Almost Denied An Invitation To Visit Great Britain:

Trump Almost Denied An Invitation To Visit Great Britain

When it was first announced the Donald Trump will be visiting the UK a vast majority of UK residents were against the visit so much so that British Parliament had to debate whether to allow him to visit or not, since then the visit has been put on hold several times and the mayor of London just said recently that he wont be rolling out a red carpet for Trump when he comes.

12. He Was Involved In A Wrestling Match:

Donald Trump Was Involved In A Wrestling Match
(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)Image Source: Salon

Donald Trump was involved in a wrestling angle in Wrestlemania 23 which had a hair vs hair stipulation, according to this stipulation if the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley who was representing Trump lost his match to Intercontinental Champion Umaga who was representing Vince McMahon the loser would have to get his hair cut, although Bobby won the match which resulted in a bald Vine McMahon Trump did get a stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

11. Trump Is One Of The Least Charitable Billionaires In The World:

Donald Trump Least Charitable Billionaires In The World

Although Trump and his entourage have boasted about Trump spending millions on charity and his campaign saying he gave over $100 million to charity during the past few years, a look by Washington Post into Trump’s charity donation they couldn’t find a single donation that trump had made by himself over the past five years. He however has received millions of dollars for his own charity namely the Trump foundation which received $4 million for his part in WrestleMania 23 which is listed above. Source.

10. Trump Has Won An Award for Worst Supporting Actor

Image Source: thedailybeast

Trump has the honor for received a Razzie award in 1990 for the Worst Supporting Actor of that year for his role in the movie Ghost Can’t Do It which has rating of 2.3 on IMDB and rightfully so as it was awful.

9. Lots Of Scottish People Hate Donald Trump

Image Source: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images, Buzzfeed

Although a lot of people hate Trump in the US his hatred also expands to Scotland where he once tried to stop the construction of a Wind farm because according to him it would ruin the view of his £750 million golf resort which overlooks the North Sea.

The Scottish ministers however ignored Trump’s concerns and gave a green signal to the construction of the Windfarm which didn’t go well with trump who later told the BBC ” Scotland is the “most beautiful country ever, but he did not want it to be “sullied by these awful windmills”.

8. His Own Trump Tower Was Partly Constructed By Illegal Immigrants

Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Invision/AP Source:Gizmodo

Although much of Donald Trump’s campaign has been about kicking illegal immigrants out of the country the fact is that his infamous Trump Tower was itself built by around 200 illegal Polish workers. These workers were underpaid and made to work 12 hour shifts, yet when they asked for their wages they were threatened to be deported.

Source: Time Magazine

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