15 Surprising Donald Trump Facts You Probably Dont Know

7. Never Tried His Own Vodka Brand

Danny Moloshok/AP Photo Source: ABC News

Trump launched his own Golden Vodka back in 2006 and hailed it as the soon to be number one drink of America and promised huge success in the future for the Vodka, but Trump does not consume alcohol in any form due to the tragic death of his brother due to alcoholism. The Vodka also failed badly with the company producing it being shut down a couple of years after the launch as nobody liked the drink.

6. Four Of Donald Trump’s Casinos Have Been Bankrupt:

Although Trump boasts himself to be a very successful business man he infact has had 4 casinos file for bankruptcy, The first was the Taj Mahal which declared bankruptcy in 1991, the Trump Castle went in 1992, the Trump Plaza and Casino in 1992 and the Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts in 2004.

After all these failures Donald Trump decided to distance himself from all this saying he had, “nothing to do with those businesses”.

5. Donald Trump Has A Hollywood ‘Star’

Donald Trump Walk Of Fame Star

Donald Trump has had success in Hollywood, he has guest starred, made cameos in several movies and TV shows as well as even produced and hosted the hit TV reality show “The Apprentice” which he hosted for 14 seasons. Due to all of this he was awarded his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007 and has since been vandalized several time.

4. Donald Trumps Net Worth:

donald-trumps-net-worth image

Donald Trump has earned a lot from mostly his real estate business and Forbes estimates that his current net worthis about 3.7 Billion Dollars, keep in mid that his net worth was 4.5 Billion dollars a few years back but he reported around 800 Million Dollars as losses due to the situation of the Real Estate market.

3. He Took $375,000 Per Episode To Star In His Own Show


Trump’s NBC reality show “The Apprentice” was a huge success at the time of launch, the shows purpose was to find the manager for one of Trump companies by the process of elimination. Although trump was the executive producer of the show he still took $375,000 per episode to host the show and earned a total of $3 million per episode when you count in everything.

2. Donald Trump Gets Haircuts From His Wife Melania

trump gets haircuts from melania

Trumps hair have been a topic of debate for its uniqueness for a very long time as most people initially thought it was a wig and not his original hair, Trump has always denied it and told people that he just takes care of them very well and does not expose them to much of the outside environment. He also told today.com in an interview that his wife takes care of his hair for him and also gives him haircuts when she desires.

1. SPY Magazine Sent Him A Small Check As A Prank And He Cashed It:

Image Credit: Fusion

Spy Magazine was a satirical magazine which would regularly pull pranks on the rich and famous in the 90’s, in order to achieve this they employed several techniques, in one such scheme they opened a fully funded company called “National Refund Clearinghouse” as well as opening a checking account for the company.

They then targeted 58 famous people to prank by sending them a check for $1.11, the list of these celebrities including people such as Cher, Henry Kissinger and also Donald Trump. Among the 58 checks sent only 26 celebrities were desperate enough to cash the check the then repeated the same procedure by sending a check of $0.64 to these 26 people 13 of whom got it cashed. Not yet satisfied then send another check for $0.13 to those 13 people and only 2 people took the bait one was a Saudi Arabian arms dealer called Adnan Khashoggi and the second one of course was Donald Trump.

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