HP Elite X3 Video Review

HP Elite X3 is a new PC, Laptop and Smartphone hybrid released from HP and it is very unique indeed so Unbox Therapy released a video review for it. The HP Elite X3 is basically a smartphone but with the help of a dock it can turn into a fully functioning Desktop PC with a full Windows 10. It also has a Laptop module with which it can be used as a Laptop.

HP Elite X3 Specs:

The HP Elite X3 has 5.96-inch display with a Resolution of 1440×2560 pixels, it has a 2.15GHz quad-core processor with 4GB of Ram and 64 GB of onboard storage, a USB-C connection alongwith Front 8-megapixel and 15-megapixel Rare camera and a rare fingerprint sensor.

The HP Elite X3 supports dual sim and it is water resistant with an IP 67 rating and is running on Windows 10 Mobile.

The desktop dock has a power port, an HDMI display port, 2 USB 3.0 connectors for keyboard, mouse or other connections and an Ethernet connector.

Whats Inside The Box:

The Box contains The HP Elite X3, A smartphone Dock, some nice headphone, some adapters for the dock and a power adapter for charging up the dock. The box is a bit bigger then you expect for a smartphone

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