Nokia 3310 Latest Model First Look At The MWC 2017

MrMobile uploaded a first look review at the relaunched model of the classic 3310 which was shown at the MWC 2017

Anybody who has used a mobile phone in the 1990’s knows about the Nokia 3310, deemed the indestructible phone it still has a huge following around the world with some people still using it in some parts of the world.

This year Nokia decided to relaunch it and MrMobile gave us the first look of the highly anticipated feature phone. The phone now comes in an orange and yellow color and not in the classic blue. The phone now also contains a rear camera and will have a price of around 52$.

It also contains a light up keyboard like before and as for the most important question one can ask, Yes you can still play Snake.

Will you still buy the Nokia 3310 when it comes out later this year? do let us know in the comments

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