PewDiePie Plays Barbie Dreamhouse Party

PewDiePie decided to play Barbie Dreamhouse Party and it was hilarious

PewDiePie has a history of playing awful games for our entertainment and this time wasn’t an exception as he tried to play Barbie Dreamhouse Party. Barbie Dreamhouse Party looks like and awful game from every perspective but Pewds decided to take the game seriously which was even more hilarious.

PewDiePie Plays Barbie Dreamhouse Party

As the game progressed it became clear that there was no clear objective of the game and mixed with three different layers of music, and awful soundtrack and you even had to climb to another floor just to access the options menu.

The game was buggy as all hell as ladders went through barbie as well as hands floated in the air for no apparent reason, this comes along with some pointless mini-games all of which forced pewds to stop playing it mid video.

As this was a PewDiePie’s video so of course there was a Nazi joke in the middle of the video which is PewDiePie’s way of replying to all the negative publicity he got last month for his fiverr stunt. The video is hilarious and you should definitely check it out below.

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