Public Proposal With A Surprising Twist

Sometimes marriage proposals take a surprising turn, this video shows one of them

Public Proposal Gone Wrong

Wedding is one thing every couple dreams of having one day and everybody has some sort of plan in mind to get married sooner or later. Proposing for marriage is a very nerve racking thing as you can never know the outcome and what answer will you be getting from your partner.

ViralHog uploaded video of a guy in Teresina, Piaui, Brazil was also nervous when he decided to propose to his girlfriend when she was in a mall with her friend. He brought a violinist with him who played a great tune which he pulled out the flowers and got down on one knee, but he wasnt expecting what was going to happen next.

After the rejection the guy was heartbroken and the public in the mall tried to cheer him up after the girl left but I dont think he cared after being humiliated by that girl.

What are your thoughts on the girls rejection? what would you do in such a situation? do let us know in the comments

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