Top 10 Freakiest Coincidences In History

10. The Curse Of Robert Todd Lincoln:

The Curse Of Robert Todd Lincoln

Robert Todd Lincoln was the son of Abraham Lincoln, was his father at the time of his assasination. He was also the Secretary of War for President James. A Garfield in 1881 and an eyewitness to his assassination as well.

Fast forward 20 years and in 1901, President William McKinley invited him to the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York and the same day William McKinley was assassinated as well. After that event, Robert Todd Lincoln did not accept and invitations by Presidents to any sort of events as he thought he was cursed and he might get them killed.

Source: Wikipedia

9. Richard Lawrence aka The Failed Assasin:

Richard Lawrence aka The Failed Assasin

In 1835 a guy named Richard Lawrence who was an unemployed house painter tried to assassinate then President of the USA Andrew Jackson. Luckily for Andrew Jackson the assassins pistol misfired and they both got into a scuffle where Jackson tries beating Lawrence with his waling cane.

Lawrence then pulled out a second gun and guess what? it misfired as well and he was caught by bystanders. After the incident both the guns were checked and test fired successfully on the first attempt and appeared to be in perfect working condition.

Source: Wikipedia

8. How Mongols Almost Conquered Japan:

How Mongols Almost Conquered Japan

The Mongol empire led by Kublai Khan tried to conquer the Japanese empire in both 1274 and 1281 after they had successfully conquered Goryeo (Korea).

In 1274, the Mongols successfully conquered several Japanese settlements but when they landed on Hakata Bay, they got fierce resistance by samurai clans and were forced to withdraw. During the withdrawal phase they were hit by a typhoon which sank most of their ships drowned most of the soldiers.

After their first victory and between the period of 1274 and 1281 the Japanese built two-meter-high walls to protect themselves. When the Mongols returned 7 years later they were unable to scale the walls and their fleet had to stay afloat for months which depleted their supplies as well. After months of failure the fleet was destroyed by a great typhoon called The Kamikaze(Divine Wind), so the Mongols fled and never returned.

Source: Wikipedia

7. The Accidental Discovery of Russian Spy Communication During Cold War:


Russian spies used hollow coins to communicate within the US during the Cold War but a spy once accidentally used one of the coins as currency and gave it to a paper boy. The paper boy got suspicious as the coin felt too light to him so he dropped it on the ground and it popped open, revealing a microfilm. The microfilm contained a series of numbers so the paper boy informed the daughter of a NYPD officer, that officer told a detective who in turn told an FBI agent about the microfilm.

The authorities tried to crack the code in the microfilm several times but failed, they finally got a break when a Russian spy Reino Häyhänen defected and decoded the message for them. The code in the nickle turned out to be:, “Welcome to America, this is how our operations work” which was meant for the same spy that decoded the message for the American government.

Source: Wikipedia

6. Sacagawea Discovers She Has A Long Lost Brother:

Sacagawea Discovers She Has A Long Lost Brother

Lewis and Clark were using Sacagawea as an interpreter with the native people as they traveled west on their expedition. Before they crossed the Rocky Mountains they had to secure horses for their journey across in order to survive.

The local Indian tribe did not trust Lewis and Clark as they believed them to be enemies. So Sacagawea started negotiations with the Indian chief during which she suddenly realized that the chief was actually her long lost brother. Sacagawea was taken as a slave from a neighboring tribe at a very young age so she never had to chance to meet her brother, this of course changed everything and Lewis and Clark’s were given 40 horses to help in their expedition.

Source: Wikipedia

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