What Happens If You Pass 20,000 Volts Through a Watermelon?

Weird experiment videos are very popular nowadays, this is just another one of them


TheBackyardScientist decided to conduct a new experiment using a 1000 joule capacitor which can discharge its energy in a fraction of a second and to show that he decided to drop a weiner on top of the capacitor at the start and needless to say it shattered into pieces.

After that he decided to amp up the experiment and try to blow up a water melon but the 1000 joule capacitor wasn’t doing the job so he asked some friends who bought in a capacitor bank which can hold 20000 joule of charge which was mind boggling.

The video is very informative as well as interesting and has gathered over 1.5 million views and is in the youtube trending list at the moment do check it out below.

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